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Best rug washing fredericksburg va


rug repair fredericksburg va

Certified MASTER Rug Cleaners

Gentle & Thorough Washing

State-of-the-Art Equipment

No Damage or Dye Transfer!

certified master rug cleaner fredericksburg va
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STEP 1: Fringe Pre-Cleaning

Our unique Rug Cleaning Process start with a detailed pre-cleaning process that can help brighten the fringe and often times return the fibers to like new again.  We do not use any bleach based products which can cause damage to your cotton fringe. We also will attempt to correct dye bleed fringes that are the result of previous improper cleaning methods. Additionally, if your rug was subjected to water damage, soda, coffee and tea stains, we have the expertise to address these issues too.

STEP 2: Rug Washing | Rug Cleaning

Once we have completed the pre-cleaning treatments, your rug will be submerged in our unique 1,200-gallon Turkish bath wash tub.  The wash tub uses a special, velocity appropriate star paddle to provide gentle agitation that mimics age old hand washing techniques. As your rug swims in the churning water, soils are removed and the appearance of your rug is renewed without the use of brushes, power spraying, scrubbing or other mechanical agitation that can damage rug fibers. Specialized cleaning detergents, and a few secret ingredients are added to aid in the cleaning process and to ensure that colors are restored to their very best appearance and that dye stability or dye transfer is never a problem.

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professional rug washing services
professional rug washing services


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